My main purpose in writing this blog is to provoke interest in virtual worlds. Secondlife is a hobby for me. I like building homes and designing gardens. The world is a giant doll house with a second life where I might go to see a show or visit an art gallery. Yesterday I visited a gallery that recognized the works of two very different authors. Charles Bukowski, and Shakespeare.
Charles Bukowski
In the Shakespeare section, the scenes popped out to you when you sat down in your chair. In the Bukowski section, you walked around to see writings and objects from Bukowski’s poems.
I was worried about using the word “provoke” in a positive manner. We usually think of it as negative. But when I browsed the internet for advice, I came across this quote from Tim Crouch. “Anything one can do to provoke and inspire an interest in the works of Shakespeare in a young audience is fair game. Anything.”
And, right there, since I had both Secondlife and Shakespeare on my mind, I felt affirmed that I could use provoke in a positive manner today!



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