It is inefficient of me to try to tell the whole world about my hobby by writing a short paragraph for the Daily Word Prompt. But I think all of you writers would find my hobby of “playing” in Second Life to be right up your alley. Stories are being told every day, artists are creating art, philosophers are discussing ideas, roleplayers are designing landscapes like scenes in a play, and fashion designers are creating costumes.  Some people search for lots of friends, while others are happier being alone. You can actually do this all free.

Many people blog about SecondLife, but the blogs are mostly read by other Second Life residents, who are looking for travel tips or fashion freebies. And probably if you searched for Secondlife, you first come up with a jillion hits for dancing and romancing. But that is not all we do.

One thing I like to do is make short videos. It’s fun to shoot, edit, and then find some free use (creative commons) music to go with the scenes. Here is a  video that uses black out poetry as part of the art. video



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