Just like Seraphim, I like to take snapshots on Secondlife. We have the option of controlling our surroundings with ease. We can change the time of day to morning or midnight. We can move things with the magic of derender.
Let me show you how I changed things today. I went to Outer Garden to look for a small scene to photograph. I liked the way a person had set up this easel. First, I tried putting myself in the picture, but I didn’t like that. Next, I derendered the chairs with a couple mouse clicks and zoomed in for a still life of the painting supplies. That was pretty good, but I really wanted to get the easel. I played with the light for a while. I even tried pink skies, and lavender. I ended up with some yellow sunlight. Since I was concentrating on the lighting, I forgot to derender one last thing, the pile of books. I had to crop it out of my picture. But, what fun I had. Where will I put the picture? I think I will give to Pearlgrey for her next gallery show.

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