“Come over and help me  at Placebo Gallery, Meka. I need someone to pose for me. It’s for  a portrait contest. ”
“Why don’t you go shoot yourself, LOL,”  she replied.
“Well, come give me moral support while I figure it out, then,” I insisted.VSnapshot_006
“There are some good backgrounds here, but it’s a closeup I need. Why don’t we try over by those heads there? You sit down and I will zoom in.”
“Veyot, are you still here? You haven’t said a word for three minutes.”
“Yep, I am here but I was upping my graphics and changing the windlight. Sorry I took so long. I got a snapshot now. What do you think?”
“OMG. Can I have it to use for my profile shot? But I don’t really want to see it hanging on the wall.”
“Yeah, I know what you mean. I think this calls for more planning–more fantasy, more special effects. But thanks for helping today!”


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