Baker Bloch’s blog has been quiet for several days, so I went over to see if any of the gang were at home. I drove down route 13 in Siliconis and then offroad up to the snowman holding the Artist Alley sign.

I slid down the hill and got stuck, so I abandoned the car.
I first visited the library and got some new books from Mr. Bean.

I was looking for the new 7 Stones Pillar and the Town Hall.

How many stones do you see in this pillar?

I counted the stones several times, and decided that the base stone is a foundation stone and not part of the pillar. Here is a landmark to the pillar so that you can check my addition.

Now, one thing I like to do at Baker’s gallery is try to become a part of one of his collages. I look pretty good in this one.

I pretend I have been to Prairie Street.

My car is still stuck there, but I got three new magazines, a bookcase full of books, and this selfie.

3 thoughts on “7 Stones

  1. Hi. I know I haven’t been writing lately but I have another project I’ve been working on, called The Oracle in the blog — involves maps. I’m sure I’ll start another Collagesity work again soon. All Powerful Lemon will make sure of that, I’m assuming. Probably. Thanks for the press!

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