On the Move

A whole lot of moving going on.

First of all, a new continent of Linden homes opened up, which encouraged a mass immigration of people moving up to larger and fancier houses. Second, the Baker Gang moved over to Fordham, and set up a whole city in two days. Third, I moved over to Catocala, and erected one house, on which I spent three days trying to get the wall color just right.

And now I will bring in some furniture. And cats. There should be cats at Catocala.

Dim Sum Gardens

I saw some cherry trees in the distance and when I went in closer I was astounded at the beauty of the garden that I found. Occupying a whole sim, Dim Sum Gardens has beautiful buildings, boats, rafts, wildlife, statues. It’s a wonderful scene in every direction. Just keep walking!

Lost Garden of Beauty

It was late yesterday when Charlie asked to borrow my Zen garden in a box. He and Detective Pety wanted to plant it on some land they found. But, when I asked to see the garden, they had to admit that they lost it. You see, they forgot to take a landmark. They promised to try to find it again today. At least, they know which continent it’s on. Fortunately, they brought me a few more snapshots of good places that have the locations in the description. I might be able to locate those. This first one overlooks a lovely lake. And the second is in a busy shopping area. Charlie liked the sales possibilities for the shop that says Delftware. “I could make up a bunch of blue and white pottery easy.”

P.S—Detective Pety found the garden and has sent a picture now.

House and Garden Show

Charlie and Detective Pety have been establishing a network of safe homes for their less than legal activities. They started by looking for yellow “for sale” squares on the map but that was hard on the eyes. Also, they didn’t really want to pay the high prices, so they have begun using the Sunklands search method. Charlie says he has lost weight from doing all the walking involved, but he has already found two secret outposts. He showed me these blurry snapshots.

And next, he brought me to the sim and whispered, ” 128, 128. Just start there and you will see.” And I did. but right away I got distracted because I saw a fabulous house on a mountain and I went there instead.

However, when I returned to see one of the “safe” houses again, it had already disappeared. “Yep, that’s a problem,” grumbled Charlie.

Forest Cove & Bike Campground

This campground stretches from the water up to a lookout on high ground. I first tried a jetski and a canoe.

Next, I walked up past a grape vineyard to a dance area and barn.

By the road, bikes are available, and I saw a pod go by, too.

Several tents and campfires are near a pretty stream. You can rez here—for 48 hours! I left something there to test that, and it’s still there.

A ranger tower and a lookout area are the highest points.

The full name for the parcel owner shows up on the roof here, Second Life Regional Search and Rescue. It’s listed in Search as SLR SAR Forest Cove and Bike Campground.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tyranus/177/91/44