Needing a bath

I had been reading Pearl’s travel blog where she wrote about longing to be home again for a good soak in her bathtub. That sounded pretty good to me, so I rode my train over to Aglia to use her bathtub, but it was missing. I could see the space where it might have been. In the other room, I enjoyed reading all the poetry and I took pictures of the sculptures. Coincidentally, Klaus posted a pictures of Aglia on Tumblr today, and he got much nicer shots of the totem pole. I missed the rainbow!

Missing bathtub.
Contemplating the poetry
Examining the sculptures

Yay for Kun-Tei-Ner

I first saw pictures of this place on Maddy Gynoid’s blog, so I rushed over. It sounded to me like a maze made of shipping containers.

Blue arrows lead the way. Once, I fell in the water and had to grab a seat in a chair to resume my journey, since there is no flying.

I stayed a long time, but luckily there was a Pizza Place. so I had lunch and then continued.

I found some cute dogs and some dolls of the kind that Seraphim Placebo likes.

I looked around the the highest point and hoped there would be a sitting pose up there, and yes, there was!

And then I chose another seat by these seals, surprising a sunbather. And then, I stopped my journey so that I could quick write this blog.

7 Stones

Baker Bloch’s blog has been quiet for several days, so I went over to see if any of the gang were at home. I drove down route 13 in Siliconis and then offroad up to the snowman holding the Artist Alley sign.

I slid down the hill and got stuck, so I abandoned the car.
I first visited the library and got some new books from Mr. Bean.

I was looking for the new 7 Stones Pillar and the Town Hall.

How many stones do you see in this pillar?

I counted the stones several times, and decided that the base stone is a foundation stone and not part of the pillar. Here is a landmark to the pillar so that you can check my addition.

Now, one thing I like to do at Baker’s gallery is try to become a part of one of his collages. I look pretty good in this one.

I pretend I have been to Prairie Street.

My car is still stuck there, but I got three new magazines, a bookcase full of books, and this selfie.

I would call this healthy art.

DB Bailey created a stage for good health.
I tried all the teleports.
And walked down every hall.

Boston University Medical School has put rules for good health in a beautiful setting. One section is designed to introduce new avatars to Secondlife, including walking, changing clothes, opening boxes, etc., and has a game where you hop on a pogo stick and answer health questions, moving forward and backward.

Trying the zipline. All the exercises were great.
Photographers will quit exercising and just take snapshots.

I think I stayed for more than one hour, trying everything. And I got a free avatar that changed colors while I floated in the water watching a kaleidoscope!

On the Move

A whole lot of moving going on.

First of all, a new continent of Linden homes opened up, which encouraged a mass immigration of people moving up to larger and fancier houses. Second, the Baker Gang moved over to Fordham, and set up a whole city in two days. Third, I moved over to Catocala, and erected one house, on which I spent three days trying to get the wall color just right.

And now I will bring in some furniture. And cats. There should be cats at Catocala.

Dim Sum Gardens

I saw some cherry trees in the distance and when I went in closer I was astounded at the beauty of the garden that I found. Occupying a whole sim, Dim Sum Gardens has beautiful buildings, boats, rafts, wildlife, statues. It’s a wonderful scene in every direction. Just keep walking!