Discovering Chiba

I had good luck taking snapshots at Tokyo Streets, so I typed “Tokyo” in search again, and found the Chiba Industrial District. The teleport landed me high in the sky in dark city streets. A welcoming notecard invited me the chance to make up my own role play in this city from the year 2518 , but my mission was to take snapshots. Right away, I discovered a teleport system that got me around fast–you can see the blue TP here by the entrance to the DarkWire cafe.

I wouldn’t have found the garden entrance without the teleporter, nor would I have noticed the apartments above.

The city looks good from outside and has a good use of both backdrops and buildings that you can walk inside.

It’s too icy outside at home for walking, so I am doing my “walking” on the streets of Chiba in Secondlife.