Try every door.

When I visited Dairoku Kudou, I was puzzled by the small area. I had seen pictures on the blogs of Virus Writer and AnnieBrightstar, and now I wondered where to find all those scenes. The first few doors I tried did not open. So, when I spotted a teleport sign, I used it, and ended up in a strange deserted landscape.

The surprising thing was, that I had found a new scene of a deserted land, which neither Virus or Annie had pictured. This is interesting! I teleported back up, and started searching for more doors. And there was one I missed, right next to the teleporter area!

That door lead to another section and after that I tried every door. One opened so slowly I almost turned and walked away. You will enjoy finding all the hidden spaces here! And, after you pass the fish market, you are not done yet. Forge ahead to find the hidden strip club, even though the stairway seems threatening.

SaveMeOh and the Zombies

As part of the Manifestation2020 virtual celebration on Secondlife, a parade of walkers, both zombies and humans, walked 5K across Bay City to the Good Life Sandbox. SaveMeOh brought her finest colors to add to the fun. It’s hard to take pictures while trying to keep on walking, but I got a few snaps.

Here we had to stop while SaveMeOh gathered up all her sunflowers. Later, we stopped because the Bay City Trolley ran over some of the zombies, but we waited for them to recover. I kept the names show-ing in the picture while we figured out if everyone was still alive.

Focus, at Coppelia

You might need sunglasses here to shade your eyes from bright colors. You might need binoculars to see the far corners. This is at Coppelia, and the sign at the entrance features three artists, DB Bailey, Thoth Jantzen, and Jo Ellsmere, but more artists have things hidden in the clouds, too.

First, I walked up the blue stairway and next, I followed the green stepping stones.

And when I saw a sign that said Cheaper Thrills, I found a ride on a flying exercise bike.

It’s hard to measure how big a space this is. When I tried to see the outside, it looked like this.

And way way down below, I spotted the artist’s original plan…….

and I kept taking more pictures……..

of the objects….

and of the whole scene, which was like being inside a gigantic abstract painting.

Stop that Thief!

Here at Dosojin, the owners have worked for three days getting ready for Halloween. Pert brought out all her best pumpkins, candles, and furniture. Veyot got sore shoulders moving all the buildings and furniture around, and the neighbor Soulorcell came over to help check the notecards and to see if all the furniture was firmly on the floor.

But then, in the dark of the night, a sneaky thief came in and stole the most valuable artwork off the wall, right over the head of our first guest, asleep in his chair.

We frantically searched the grounds and found that the thief’s hat had fallen off when he rushed away.

When the policeman saw the hat, he remembered the hat guy as a perpetual thief and they picked him up right away. And a helpful stranger kindly reported that the thief had stashed the painting behind the counter at his coffee shop.

Now then, Pert and I and our first guest talked about this over tea this morning and we think it makes a good Halloween Mystery. We will ask all of our guests to help solve the mystery! I must send out notices right away. Here is one for you! “Stop in at Dosojin and help solve this Halloween Mystery. We will reward you with a few Linden dollars and all the popcorn you can eat.”

Experience this!

It’s possible now, on Second Life, to use an “experience” rather than a teleport, but it does takes a skilled operator to set it up. Seaplane tested out his new experience on a group today, and it was a smashing success. Right away you will ask “Can I try it?” and the answer is yes. It’s all set up at Jonson Landing.

When we walked up to the Stargate, we were asked to accept the experience and whoosh, we found ourselves in the destination room. Each door indicated a different place we could go

It was not until four stops later in this trip that I remembered to start taking pictures of the adventure. I was too busy looking around at each destination.

In between some transitions, we seemed to be floating weightless in outer space before we went on to the next place. This section of the trip needs a guide, while the first stage can be done by anyone.

We saw several sci-fi places, and then had some music to relax.

Rainy Alley

Thunder! Lightning! I am trying to get a picture of that lightning! It’s here at Rainy Alley.

The rain splashes on the floor and I rush to get inside. The nearest building is an Art Gallery, so I push the door open and step inside. Somebody is there already, playing the piano. I stop to listen.

“I know that song, I say. Can I take a turn next?” “Yes, here have a seat,” says the rat, as he scurries out the door. But, before I play, I take a picture of the room because it’s so pretty.

After I play I sit down to read a letter, and then notice another door. I wonder where it leads.

But, just then, a man, all wet from the rain, rushes in, and says, “Oh, sorry I am late! Are you here to pose for me?” I think that over for a minute, and decide to say “Yes!” So he leads me through the door and I get my first look at his studio. I sit at his desk while he takes off his coat and sorts through his mail.

‘Now, you sit in that chair over there where the light is good. The magazine editor wants a nice head shot, side view. Too bad your hair got all frizzed up from the rain,” he laughed, ” but I can give you straighter, longer hair. It would fit the article better.” And so I did. Luckily, the real model did not show up while I was there.

Liz, with photos at Xaraz Gallery

Xaraz Gallery is proud to show the photographs of Lilabelle Jonson, including several that won awards at the Georgia National Fair. Some of the photos look almost like paintings. You can learn more about her by clicking the Liz’s Gallery sign at the entrance.

We have glass floors in the gallery, and I often try to find a place to stand where I can see every art work at once, but I am still searching for the perfect view. Maybe, if I moved this statue over a little to the left, I could see them all. What do you think? Here is a landmark.

Indigo Waters

Follow the arrows to see all the sights at Indigo Waters. There is not a better word than “Wow” to describe the place. I tried to stand next to the statues to show how large they are. Along the way, I saw a mermaid and a merman. The latter was the creator of the place, Tomm Pye. Each time I turned a corner, I saw something more beautiful than before.

It was from LastHuckleberry’s Flickr page that I got a tip to go there. She has some spectacular pictures. Here is a landmark for Indigo Waters. It is on Destination Guide too, with the information that it will close at the end of September.

A guided tour in a virtual world

Let me sit here at my desk and write this story about the trip first, and then show you the snapshots later.

Seaplane Jonson and his helpers SaraKate and Olympia showed off their laboratory yesterday with a demonstration comparing sci-fi to steampunk. In the pictures, you see our group gathered around watching androids being created while we look around at each other with suspicion. We had traveled to each room by teleporter and portal, and maybe I was the only one who had suspicions that we might have turned into androids without knowing it. After seeing both of the laboratories, we went through a portal to the Wax Museum in New Babbage where the Chamber of Horrors made us shiver and say thanks, but I need to be going back to real life now, but I saved both the landmarks for another trip.

I did go back again by myself because I wanted to look closer at some things. I forgot to get a snapshot of the robot controlled ship loader at the entrance.

I wanted to test the android machine myself, and go through the portal once more.

Also, I needed to examine a wall again because I knew we were high in the sky and yet I could see the harbor out the window. Ahhh, it was a clever picture behind a window frame.

Thanks for the tour, Seaplane!

Jonson Landing. Wax Museum