P.S. It took two trips….

It took me two trips to the caves at Eotia to find a scene that Baker used in his Sunklands blog, but I finally matched it. I think I bypassed this set of chairs and tent twice before it dawned on me that it was correct. It looks quite empty without a lively group of actors and fairies. I think that is true about stories, too. It take good characters to supply the action. From now on, I think my snapshots will look empty unless I add people.



Caves and Tunnels at Eotia

These tunnels might keep you wandering for half an hour. Each black hole holds a mystery, and each white light brings you out to another part of the sim. I liked the tunnels so well that I never explored the rest of the Eotia sim, except for looking at one area with rental homes.


I started in the tunnel at  Crow, because it was a location in Baker Bloch’s story. A fairy helped me find the first cave entrance. I took a few snapshots, but mostly the fun was in wandering.


Once, I crossed over a bridge, and later my path took me under the same bridge.



The cave entrances were all different, so I made sure to look at each one.


I finally stopped wandering when I came across this lost girl and her dropped flashlight for the second time.


Undertones, by Art Oluja

Art gathered up her best buildings and her best art and packed all of it into the space at Catocala. I sat in a chair by two pink elephants and aimed my camera all around.

I did have to leave my chair to look close at the gachas and freebies on the shore. And I have many more pics, but this is enough for now. According to the parcel description, “Nothing Lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.”

The Traveling Carnival

The Traveling Carnival at Outer Garden is a mostly white world. Some might call it “surreal”, and others might say “dreamlike.” When I first arrived, I sat in a gondola, but it did not sail away, so I walked toward a white gate and, oops, fell into the destination.

A castle towers over the land.
Inside a tent, a horse with moving chairs.

Doves fly from a cage.

Other birds stare in wonder.

I find a seat in a teacup.

And a bird peeks in.

And most surreal of all, this ruined roller coaster hides in the mist.

Museum Island

“Oh look, here is a map,” said my friend when we landed at Museum Island. But I was looking the other way, and said, “Let’s go see that blue building first.” So, off we flew. “Don’t you ever walk?” she grumbled.

She was right to complain, because, in the blue buildings, it was best to walk through every archway to find the best views.

We both took lots of snapshots, and then she said, “I am done with blue, let’s go back to the map and this time, I get to pick!”

Grandfather’s Shed

In the 1940’s, my grandfather’s hobby was making flat shapes for lawn ornaments, using scraps of leftover wood. In his backyard, he had a shed just like this. I still have some Christmas ornaments that he made. When I stepped inside this shed, I could smell sawdust, and maybe a bit of pipe tobacco. I wondered if those were my mother’s skates left there. And, I wondered where the broom was because someone had swept up all the sawdust.

He would not have left his tools on the floor.
A tool collector might buy these on Ebay.
The skates look well-used.