It Snowed at Zimminyville


It was autumn the last time I visited Zimminyville, but now the snow has drifted deep in the woods.






Villa de Couer sims are still showing autumn colors and the estate windlight setting gives good lighting for photos. I got the landmark from the ExplorersRus group, which regularly sends out landmarks of interesting places to visit. A trolley ran over me while I was standing in the street taking pictures, but I was not hurt.







What should the well dressed artist wear to her art show? Something to match her paintings, of course. Can you find a symbol from Elle’s jacket in the artwork on the right?

The Art of Storytelling


Creating a story can get complicated, but when a person creates a story and the artwork and the layout and then publishes it on Secondlife, it becomes collector’s item. The latest book in my collection comes from RMarie Beedit. It’s based on the Frankenstein legend, and was published in time for Halloween. Each page is a visual delight. You can read it in her studio at Pahto. Or, even easier, you can read it on RMarie’s blog!

Or, did you not even know that books were being published on Secondlife? The author/artist plans the story, the scenes, and the characters and then dresses everybody up and takes them all to the right locations for taking the snapshots. Or, maybe, too, photoshopping in a necessary prop. And lastly, getting the words set in just right for easy reading. And next, there is the fun of displaying it in a proper setting, maybe by the fireplace on a chilly evening.


And, now I rush to my Secondlife Bookshelf to re-read all my books. Have you read these? Pictured here are books from Liza Velliz, Klaus and Pearl, and Haveit Neox.


To create you was to mold life itself.

Investigating a spaceport

When I was looking for land on the water in Nautilus, I noticed a shape on the map that looked like two white  battleships parked at a grey dock.

cmSnapshot_051I flew over to that place and found that there was nothing at all on the water. A small airport was nearby, but that was not white at all. Where was something white? I looked in the sky, and there it was, close enough for a quick flight up. And surprise, testing out a DJ stand was my old friend NodesOfYesod Soothsayer. “You got a new place,” I exclaimed with surprise. “Can I look around?” “Sure thing, make yourself at home,” he said, but he kept on running through all the trance stations.  “And come back anytime.


I first got some shots of the outside. It had a basement, and a wide landing area with buildings on each side, and then  tall tower in the center. Props kept whirling, and I couldn’t tell if they were propellers or just fans.


The crew was gathered around a young lady. They didn’t notice me. It looked like they had just finished unpacking a new statue. I had plenty of time to look in all the buildings.



I found some experimental mushrooms and plants in a greenhouse, a bunkhouse for the crew, and lots of porta-potties, the control room, and some artworks, probably the Captain’s collection. GSnapshot_079GSnapshot_063



And all the time, the rotors kept turning, turning. I could see some experimental planes below, so certainly this platform was not a flying machine, although the rumbling made me think we were about to take off. And there was a Stargate, still in it’s crate. I wondered if it was operable.



Upstairs was a living area, but I  set off a security alarm when I touched a fancy hologram and I decided to get out of there fast and didn’t get any pictures. But I did see a lot of gold coins on the coffee table.

I recommend that you take a trip to Refueling Station 09. It’s a 4096 plot that has lots of interesting levels. Nodes said that he liked the name of the sim, Recursion, because he loves to rebuild things, and this place was his own recursion.




Doors done!

GSnapshot_012“Oh man, you got to do all these doors by yourself?” “Yeah,” said Eddy. Veyot doesn’t measure very carefully, so I took over.”

“Let me give you a hand, there,” offered Duncan Avocado. “It’s supposed to snow tonight.”

“Gee, thanks. Be sure to set them to phantom, because some people like to walk straight through instead of all that opening and closing,” said Eddy. And they both set to work.


A bit later, Eddy came to tell me that they were all finished. “You got done so quick! I heard you guys talking out there. Who was that helping you?

“New guy. Nice guy. Duncan Avocado,” answered Eddy.

“Duncan…. Avocado???, stammered Veyot.” ‘Oh no. He must have woken up in the wrong blog today. He is usually on Sunklands blog. We better send him home.”


Here I am, thinking about doors. Winter is coming soon, snow will fall, and we all need doors on our rooms at Another Town. Upon hunting in my inventory for doors, I do want to find a door that allows a view into the room. And not too grungy. More upscale. I suppose I could ask each resident to bring their own door. Hmmmmmm. I have installed a few doors to show you my choices. I shall keep working because the weather report insists that there will be snow soon after Halloween.GSnapshot_008