Dancing with Milena Carbone’s Art!

At Milena Carbone’s studio there is a film playing in the background, and I timidly stepped in to dance with the dancers. They just smiled and kept dancing, and soon I was smiling and snapping pictures as fast as I could.

I called Fau over to see this. She was still dressed in her party clothes, but right away, she joined the dance as the film continued to flash behind us, always changing.

Desert scenes, forests and wild animals scrolled behind us.

Watch this video, made by Fau Ferdinand, while I continue to snap hundreds of snapshots. What fun!

It’s hard to like it!

I noticed that when I “liked” a blog, my like was not being recorded. I think it’s something about Firefox. Yesterday, when I tried to like a blog, I saw a little pop up that said Firefox has prevented opening up this pop up. Hmmmm.

It’s summertime, and the living is easy. I am not blogging, but still reading all of your blogs.


Elle and Elan at Xaraz Gallery

Have you tried the websites NightCafe and RuDALL-E? Elle and Elan use generative art and artificial intelligence to make their artworks. They gave me a list of their favorite websites and now I am trying them all too. Here are some shots of the gallery. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clementina/100/163/31

I like the way the man overlooks the art.
Several levels of art at Xaraz

You can find Elle at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rivulet/48/24/23 and Elan at UASL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Karpov/138/237/62

Free avatars to make your own story

Lady Protectress with Master Miau Piupui

At Delicatessen, the land has been redecorated with scenes that invite storytelling. When I saw the first pictures of the sim on Flickr, I could tell that people were having fun wearing the gift avatars which are found at the landing point. I chose my favorite, the Lady Protectress, and aimed my camera at myself. I had not noticed that a revolving sky scene was sweeping over the area, varying the background every second. It made picture taking more fun and more challenging. Over and over, I tried different poses and waited for a new sweep of light. Finally I moved on to another area and started posing all over again. “There goes a bird! Get that bird in the picture!” Concentrating on the bird, I did not notice a gorilla approaching! ‘Click me,’ it said on the gorilla, so I did, and I tried those poses, too. Wow, this is fun! I am not done there yet! But here are some of my first pictures.

A bird with a childlike face
The long arms of the Lady Protectress
The huge clock is hard to reach.

News Flash

I am always in search of good places on Secondlife. Lately, I have found a new source of information. I started following Mal Burns on Twitter. Now, I never tweet on twitter, but I follow local news there. I wondered if I could find good Secondlife links, and MalBurns Writer is my favorite one. I also follow Prokovy Neva.

Looking out my back door.

This morning, I was over at the Last Drop Cafe, waking up slowly, waiting for the coffee to be done.

I stretched and turned around, and thought ‘Huh! I see something different out the window there.’

I don’t remember that building over there!

I rushed outside for a closer look.

The neighbor, PearlGrey, had changed her building. It seemed taller, and yet I could see through it to the sky.

I went over for a closer look. It was still an art gallery, but now it had some hidden corners that made the area seem larger. Still, a great collection of art, as always.

And, another surprise, when I looked back at Yohane Rockett’s shop, his shop seemed like an art gallery, too. What a nice area to live in!

Alchemelic Particle show at Fantasy Faire

With music and media by d-oo-b and the air filled with particles by Kalyca, it took me a while to learn where I should focus my SL camera. I first zoomed in on the two performers, but then someone in the audience advised the crowd to focus their cameras so that you could see the whole stage, cactus and all. And that was important later, because snakes appeared at the edge of the stage. I would have missed them if I was zoomed in on the two performers.

The Rite of Spring by Sarabande Theatre

Zooming in on the stage, I had a good view from my back row seat. The show opened with a ballroom party scene set to La Valse, by Ravel, with some people holding mirrors and admiring themselves, and a few men having had too many drinks, but then the marvelous waltzing began.

Next, the main act began. The sets were wonderful and the dances told the story of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. The dancers came out of a dark cave but soon the stage lit up with spring colors.

And in the third act, the sages surrounded the dancing maiden and she kept dancing bravely to the end.

A great show, with six more performances. Check calendar on the website.

B Sori is a place on Secondlife

As I look at these screenshots from today on Secondlife, I wish I was still there, standing in the beautiful light. Most often, the sim owner gives suggestions about lighting and I try to follow them, but as I walk through a sim, I play with the lighting. I was trying to stand exactly in the center of a light ray. You can find more pictures of the sim on Flickr where you will see some different lightings!

I was not sorry that I traveled to B Sori.