Small Space Overflows with Beauty

This small shop at Kowloon has been designed to reveal beauty everywhere you look. Start off by tiptoeing down the stairs to see the whole space. Then sit in a chair and notice all the artful touches that make it seem much larger than it really is. It borrows space by viewing the stall across the hall and blue lighting leads your eye deeper into the shadows. A statue watches over the artworks which shine out from the darkness. Please, can I just take it all home with me? It’s RMarie Beedit’s shop with PearlGrey’s artworks. Shop 14



Just back from France

This French Riviera Village will make you stop and take a snapshot on every corner. It seems to be thriving, with all the buildings rented and active. I noticed some people cleverly stationed at work, and also some mesh figures doing their parts. It all added to the lively feeling of the town. I found some gachas in the antique store, noticed a pharmacist at work, and found a chef at work in the hotel restaurant. Then, I stopped and talked to Karly Twine and made a quick film of her gallery.

Another Coffee Shop

There are many coffee shops on Secondlife, so I decided to call mine “Another Coffee Shop.” I’d rather have a coffee shop than a house, because then people can drop in any time. The building is sold as a house, but I remodeled one wall to open wide for the summer crowd. (It was free on marketplace, from Sleepy Sniff.)

I can’t count how many houses I have had on Secondlife. I love to change houses often, because in my real life I have lived in the same house for more than 25 years. I took some pics right away, because so often I forget to do that before I move on to the next place. I made a garden area already, and added a tower to see the ocean better. Oh, and the attic is still a mess.

Located in Pahto, in the vicinity of Moonlight Garden, Luny Lighthouse and Pintail Beach, with a boat launch nearby at Leeward Cruising Club.

year round garden

I am gardening in both lives this week. My real life garden is now all planted and the radishes are coming up. On Secondlife, I bought new land and started making a garden there too. In a mood to see more gardens, I remembered a pretty garden, “Moonlight Teahouse,” that I first saw in 2013. It’s still there, as fresh and peaceful as it ever was. Stairs lead you into the garden, passing a tai chi area on the way. The path makes a circle past a teahouse, stream and small hot spring. The teahouse has many intricate table displays to zoom in on.

guilty of killing time

I planned to do the wordprompt first thing today, but I went for a walk and saw a beetle that glowed golden in the sunlight. But when I took a picture, the color faded. I killed a lot of time searching two insect books and then the MN insect page online. I thought about it so long that, in my mind, the beetle had grown to be the size of a science fiction danger to all living things. But, he did not kill me. I only killed time. Guilty!beetle)

May assumption

In May, my assumption is that these flowers will flourish here. They will neither be eaten by rabbits or deer, nor will they keel over from lack of water and fertilizer. In other years, I spread the annual seedlings out along the fence. This year, I have chosen to pot them and group them altogether. It looks cheerful.


Does a giraffe feel awkward?

cica for wall_b
Does a giraffe feel awkward when he tiptoes around on his thin long legs? This giraffe designed by artist Cica Ghost looks like a smoother, more graceful relative, but it is definitely a giraffe. Artists love to set up small scenes like this, and crowds of people come to enjoy them. You can start out on Secondlife for free, and practice building things in a free sandbox, and maybe someday become known as a famous artist. Or maybe just enjoy the work of others, as I do, nearly everyday.
Do I feel awkward about inviting you to Secondlife? Nope. You see, I have tried inviting my friends, but they all stare at me and say, ‘Isn’t that just a game?’ and I think I should try inviting a different group of people–maybe those who already use the internet to be creative in the way people do here at word prompts.