Traveling by Portal

Our new home in Wyrd is not on a road, so we hired a man to make a portal to the nearest city. I heard his noisy truck arrive this morning before I was up. The noise continued while he unloaded supplies, and I had time to make the coffee on before he knocked on the door.

Holding the plans in his hand, he asked, ‘Which wall does the portal go on?” Hmmm. I looked at the plan and could see that it wasn’t obvious. So I stepped outside and showed him the wall I had chosen. “This one,” I said, “and would you like some coffee?” “Sure,” he said, and followed me inside.

“How long you been here, ma’am?” “Ah, we just moved in. You can see I didn’t get the curtains up yet.” I poured his coffee, and then excused myself in a hurry, because I didn’t even have cream or sugar to offer him.

When I came back to the kitchen, he was already outside and I could hear some hammering. The whole job was finished much faster than I expected. “That was quick,” I complimented him. “Yup, portals are my specialty. And, they save more energy than those expensive electric cars.” I paid his bill and promised to recommend him to the neighbors. “But, ma’am, you should try it while I am still here, to be sure you know how to get back through the portal.” So I did.

Stepping through the portal, which was marked Cyberpunk Garden, I was whisked away to a central portal station, surprisingly well landscaped.

But, the portal installer was right, I had no idea how to get back.

Luckily another couple was there, and they said, “Oh, that must be a new door!” And I turned around, and sure enough, the portal door to my home at Wyrd was marked with a sign, Wyrd Town Center. So I stepped back in, and arrived back at home quickly, even surprising the installer. “Give me a call if you need any other work done,” he said, and then drove off. And I went back through the portal to do some grocery shopping.

something new at the cafe

Late this afternoon, I was thinking about what to write here, when someone knocked at the door. Looking out, no one was there.

Just some mail on the desk. The note said, “Something new up at the cafe.” So I walked over to the Last Drop Cafe and looked around.

And right there on the table was a small statue that seemed to tell me secrets when I leaned closer. “Why don’t you write about this,” she whispered. And so I did.

Oops, what have I done?

When I was working on my new city area at Wyrd, I looked up and saw another city area right next door. I had been moving walls and doors, so I thought, “Oh no, I must have thrown things into the next door plot by mistake.” Here is how it looked……..

But, it was not my mistake. Instead, the owner next door, Zion Xi, was making a city of her own. She does fashion blogging on her Flickr page, and was using her city for posing.

I am trying to get some poses into my city. So far, I have ballet in the dance studio, a pose chair in the shop and two seats in the street that are useful to escape from being trapped inside the buildings.

So far, it looks like this. Everyone is invited to set up props and take pictures here; maybe even write stories about it.

Still thinking about what this place will be.
Getting ready to add a ballet pose ball here.
I hired some security to watch the place at night.

It was a surprise to find one door where I can enter and make another room. Maybe it will be a bar, if I ever can find the equipment in my unorganized inventory. See you there!

Surprising New Beach on Mainland

Wait! Wasn’t there a sandbox here before? Oh yes, the Varney Good Life Sandbox is still here, but the owner has added a beach playground which is big enough to get lost in. Fishing, bumper boats, jetskiis, high dive, bungee Jumping, along with several picnic areas. Teleports will help you find your way around.

Oh, the pod boat goes by too. Who knows where I will end up next!

In search of animals

It’s not often that you find a bear in the same area as seals. But, on Secondlife, you can do anything. It’s fun to find all the good poses here at Tierra Del Mar, and I think I got the best one. It’s a new sim design by Leloo.

The bear will greet you.

And these little critters.

I got a free shark balloon, but I had to put it down so that I could try an inner tube.

Across the bay, a group of seals stared at me.

Underwater, I found the best seat of all.

I missed getting shots because the sharks, whales, birds moved too fast for my slow camera, but I was happy to find these birds posing near the shore

And if you like gachas, there is a small area just for you.

Borderless Project

Secondlife Destination guide led me here.

I landed on the ground at Akimutsu, hearing the piano music of Tia Rungray. Choosing a Borderlands teleport led me to the sky, different music, and another set of teleports.

A long list of how to tour the area slowed me up and I did not get everything set right because I was lured on by the colors and pathway. On Destination guide, there is a video listed, so I will watch it later and see if I got the lighting any place close!

These are all untouched snapshots, not even cropped. Everything looked spectacular.

Following the path, I kept snapping. Too many shots to include here. And more teleports, too.

There is no way to describe it, except to quote the destination guide. “The Borderless Project is a region-wide, multi-level, interactive digital art exhibition in which they play with light: reflections, structures, movement, creation, and evolution. With sounds and music to match the emotions brought to life by the multi-talented team of artists and scripters: Betty Tureaud, Gem Preiz, Delain Canucci, Thoth Jantzen, Mitsuko Kytori, Blaise Timtam, and Akiko Kinosh.

I still didn’t see everything yet.

Start here, and stay a long time!

Ramshackle Gallery mysteries

I have been a fan of Lara Panthar for a long time. Each month, she offers an assortment of things she has made for just $10L, always changing the setting. It’s like a short hunt in attractive surroundings. Teleporting from artworks in her Ramshackle Gallery, you solve a little mystery, picking up free things and fortunes along the way.

I missed finding the smuggler’s gold, but I had fun shooting off this cannon.

The cannon was really smokey. There were other interactive things, too.

I chose to go on to the next place instead of continuing to hunt for the gold. And when I opened a tall door, giant rolling stones almost knocked me over.

Two of the teleports send you to sales areas, which are themed in different ways each month. Gravestones and jungle items are on offer this month. And always an assortment of snarky cakes.

More from SL18B

Today, I did not use the destination guide, I took a short pod ride that gives descriptions of things, but the pod got stuck at a corner, so I started walking. Right away, I discovered that it was hard to find the entrance to things. If I didn’t see a way in, I just kept walking. When I peeked in the entrance of these tall buildings, I saw a labyrinth.

And, when I clicked on the box at the labyrinth entrance, a robot grabbed me and gave me a quick trip around it! After that, I clicked on everything clickable. Very interesting interactive things here. I think the title was Change Your Perceptions, by Huntress Catteneo.

There was a game to play and my score was very low compared to the high scorers listed.

Now, since I had started out to ride pods today, I stopped when I saw a place that had a little pod of its own. The ride was pleasant and rather like a slow roller coaster, going around and then way up high. Leroy Horton made this place, with photos that looked like backdrops, simply done but nice!

all good gifts…

I have been using the destination guide to hop around at SL18B, the Secondlife Birthday Celebration. Today, these are my two favorites, one with some gifts, and one with a nice photo pose.

Silas Merlin has a story to tell at The Lost Refuge, and the pathway is well marked. Luckily, the landmark puts you right where the storybook is found.

And, very close by, this sign shows the way.

The things are easy to find and the scenery is good. My favorite gift is the fairy. Which one will be your favorite?

And, for photographers, there is a great pose at Circle of Life by Oxygen. A short climb up the mountain, and you are there. I didn’t have shared experiences or advanced lighting turned on, but I felt powerful holding up baby Simba in the pose.

Underground at QeddoQ

When I read the fine print on the sign at QeddoQ, I decided to hunt for the river and the dragons. I could only see cliffs, so I started walking up the railroad track and then on to the hill to get a better view. A grassy field stretched out ahead of me, and I walked by a statue of a man, then over to some animals circling around a tree.

Next, I saw rocky paths leading several directions.

Things kept distracting me from finding the river. A game. Sculptures. A tiny village, with tiny creatures.

But I finally found the dragons and started walking down the stream. But I found it by falling. I did not find a path. Maybe next time….because I have to go back to take more pictures. There were three caves along the river and each held surprises.

Some sculptures and some paintings that looked like sculptures and some sculptures that fooled me into thinking they were paintings. But the biggest surprise was an animesh figure that was still at work, doing the painting with a spray can, and wearing protective clothing.

Haveit Neox has had this land for a long time, and it keeps expanding and changing all the time.