Secret Forest at Good Life Sandbox

Supposing you have some outdoor decor to display on your blog. Where can you set them up? How about the new Park in the sky at Varney Good Life Sandbox.

Supposing you want a secret hiding place? Where can you go to work on your blog? How about the new Park at Varney Good Life Sandbox.

Start here, on the ground and take the teleporter. Choose number 11–Park. I was confused at first because I didn’t click over the the next page. There are many hidden areas at Good Life Sandbox. Join the free group and you are all set.

Burn2, The Great Unkown

It’s good to start out a visit to Burn2 with a Hot Air Balloon ride. No need to find the starting point; just watch for a Balloon to go by and reach up to grab a seat.

I was using shared experience lighting and it was quite dark. From my seat the the balloon, I spotted the “Man” made by Herbie Haven, right away.

And, the Temple, by Daark Gothly. was easy to pick out.

I left the balloon to go see the inside of the Temple. And turned on midday to see better.

Then I turned shared experience lighting back on to see this place by Vlad Breyer with colorful lights,

Close by, the desert sands were making waves at Kerupa Flow’s exhibit, unlike I had never seen before. The rolling waves don’t roll in my picture, unfortunately.

Also in this same area was a vibrant color changing place by Regi Yifu.

The crowd was growing now, and it was began to get laggy. Maybe another trip tomorrow.

Walk-in Paintings at the Horror Museum

I had looked carefully at all the paintings on the wall at the Horror Museum and started to leave. But the builder, TerryGold, stopped me and showed me something that I had missed. You can walk into the paintings!

Some of the paintings are quite large inside and some have poses. In Arachnophobia, you will not see the giant spider until you walk deep into the painting.

My favorite was Cemetery, where I walked in to watch a fight between two scary guys.

And here is the landmark.

Wow! Mario Helstein’s Particle Show

Moving my camera around to take snapshots of the show…..

Focused straight on to get a good view of the dancing mesh figures.
Backing away to try to get the whole picture
Quick, get a shot of that guitar.

By now, I have no idea where my camera is focused. I look around to see if I am still seated. Every seat in the auditorium is filled. People are standing and sitting in the aisles.

Here come the mesh dancers again.
Zooming way up close to get a snapshot of Mario at his keyboard.
Autumn leaves falling to the song, “Time to Say Goodbye”

And now, I will wait until the video comes out and see the angles the cameraman got today. Ahhh, here it is!

Somebody’s been workin’ on the railroad

A message popped up in the SL Railroad group today, offering a ride to some newly built places. Several people rushed over to hop on the train. Scout Keysin helped us all to find a seat and off we went.

She was an expert at switching tracks and I saw several track sections that I seldom see. And, without landmarks, I might not find my way back to these two new places without studying the map. Scout has built a new station at Maia and a park at PawPaw. The station at Maia has maps and landmarks.

We finished the ride with drinks at the Maia station, which has a clever roundabout. Later in the day, I made a quick trip on foot to test the landmarks, and the park seemed busy with green trolleys zipping around.

Escape from Alcatraz

Alcatraz no longer holds prisoners. Instead, tourists with cameras arrive by boat to explore the building. The scene is re-created here on Secondlife at Oxygen, and it felt very real to me on my visit today.

When the ferry arrived to take me over to the island I had to be quick to grab a seat. I was the only passenger. The trip was almost too fast to aim my camera, but I got one good picture as I approached the landing, and you can see the ferry gliding in from the left.

I liked the posters in the building at the landing.

Even though I felt threatened by the atmosphere as I enter the main cell building, I stopped to take a closeup of the desk decorations.

All the cells were similar, but luckily I peeked in the last cell and was surprised to find a teleport.

It led to a mazelike area, very well marked. But I stopped several times to look back to be sure I was not being followed. The area seemed suspicious.

Was this an escape route at one time, I wondered. Walking easily through the last rock wall, I found myself outside the electric fence, in sight of land.

There was another person standing there. Unsure whether he was a guard or a prisoner, I quickly got in a boat and drove away. I tried to avoid the searchlight.

I fell out of the boat at the landing and got out dripping wet. I seemed to be at a small fishing dock, but I saw some steps leading away and started up.

And found a place to hide out until daylight.

Meet me at Meauxle Bureaux

Always good for an afternoon walk, it’s fun to explore all the corners here. Do the Moles really live here? It’s hard to tell. They forgot to take the Christmas wreaths down, probably because they are busy building new homes at Belliseria. We borrowed a bicycle and rode around the town, then stopped for a drink at Abnor Mole’s Pub. Around the corner, we spotted a lady playing the game of hunting for Glytches. She got one and went on her way, even though we invited her for a drink with us.

Peaceful Corner

In one corner of my small town at Wyrd, I am trying to make a small peaceful spot, away from the neon lights and noise of the main street. It was my friend Beatrix who actually built the town layout. Over in one corner, she placed a fountain with a pool, and I have started to add things–a plants, a bench, a statue. When I finished, I decided to take a quick snapshot to use on this blog.

But then when I looked at the snapshot, I thought, well, that picture could be better. Because this is Second Life, I could change the sky, add more shadows, even de-render that tall building in the back. So I had fun taking more pictures. Rather than post them all here, let me just say that photography is a popular hobby in the world of Secondlife. I like to write stories about my photos. Other people might hang their Secondlife snapshots in a gallery, or post them on Flickr, where some Secondlifers have 1000’s of followers. Others write fashion blogs and earn free items from stores.

I shall probably keep arranging this corner for several days, because moving furniture is also a hobby. As is photography, and blogging. And clowning. Yes, the clown was back again today, and showed me another story that had been written about him. So I will pass it on to you.


Witchy had just put installed a new fountain when a driverless car came speeding down the road and crashed into the Wyrd Last Drop Cafe. It just missed me! The driver was stuck at the last sim line, and he radioed for help. Soon he arrived and hopped back into the car and sped off with a cheerful wave, and a “Sorry ladies”. There is more traffic lately. We think it’s because a new road has been built from Xtoh to Furman.