In a parallel universe

Today in a parallel universe, I saw a play by the Night Theatre. The purpose of the event was to raise funds for Relay For Life. Secondlife has always contributed generously in the fight against cancer. A proper play needs a dragon and a fairy–but Secondlife always has dragons and fairies, whether it’s a play or not. The sets are built by skilled artists and the crowd cheers both for the sets and for the dancers, who use animations designed by clever scripters. Knowing how hard it is to get dancers to stand exactly in the right place, this hasty snapshot caught everyone just right.


farewell song

I was working at my computer when I heard a rap on the window. It was Alien Al. “Quit browsing on the internet and get out here exploring,” he said. “I have to do the word prompt and the Sudoku and read five more blogs,” but Al interrupted me, saying, “STOP! I am lonesome and I need some one to explore with me.”TSnapshot_001

And so that is my farewell song to word prompts and maybe to WordPress. Tumblr is much easier and Al likes it better too.


Ready, set, explore

First, I explore some other writer’s blogs to see how they approach the daily prompt. Then I explore my picture file to get my own idea. Next, my mind wanders off to check on the snow that is forecast for today. Ahem! “Get back to the blog,” prods my brain. On Secondlife, I could check out an exploring guide written by Annie. She would tell me the best place to explore today.
And, after I choose a place to explore, I walk forward with the arrow key on my keyboard. Once a breadcrumb fell under my arrow key, and I was at a standstill until I figured out what was the matter. Hmmm, now, let me explore my picture file to find a picture for this. Here is a friend all set to explore on horseback today. Maybe I could ride along.

A Radiant Shaft of Light

A radiant shaft of light beams down on a Second Life scene. People love to make little scenes like this. I bet these cats have been put down and taken up by their owner many times, always making a new scene. Surely, these cats have attracted many a photographer. Now, about the light beam, you can buy that on marketplace, or even make one of your own for free. In fact, you can take a free class to learn how to make a light beam. Or how about a class to learn how to build a castle, or a rocket ship? Not a builder? Then maybe a class in how to meditate, or you could even join a book club. It’s all there on Second Life. That new film, Ready Player One doesn’t come close to describing what we do here.

My quartet

Now here is a chance to write about my quartet. A soprano, an alto, a flute, accompanied by me on the piano. The soprano is the one that chooses most of the music because she is a also a community chorus director. The alto likes religious music better than pop songs. The flute player likes music where she gets to shine. I like being in the background, but I choose my favorites on whether the introduction is well written. We perform for senior residences and women’s clubs. Sometimes we notice an older lady wince when the flute hits a high note.

Do people like us? Well, the volunteer directors always invite us back. But the biggest applause we ever got was one day when the alto brought her 4th grade son along and had him play a solo on his trombone.


It is Inefficient

It is inefficient of me to try to tell the whole world about my hobby by writing a short paragraph for the Daily Word Prompt. But I think all of you writers would find my hobby of “playing” in Second Life to be right up your alley. Stories are being told every day, artists are creating art, philosophers are discussing ideas, roleplayers are designing landscapes like scenes in a play, and fashion designers are creating costumes.  Some people search for lots of friends, while others are happier being alone. You can actually do this all free.

Many people blog about SecondLife, but the blogs are mostly read by other Second Life residents, who are looking for travel tips or fashion freebies. And probably if you searched for Secondlife, you first come up with a jillion hits for dancing and romancing. But that is not all we do.

One thing I like to do is make short videos. It’s fun to shoot, edit, and then find some free use (creative commons) music to go with the scenes. Here is a  video that uses black out poetry as part of the art. video


Identical dance moves

Today I went to a ballet class. I didn’t have the proper clothes or shoes but I danced quite well for a beginner. You see, on Secondlife, the dance animations are controlled so that we can make identical dance moves. Here we are in Angie’s studio.
I used to read a book to relax in the afternoon, but now I prowl around in the virtual world of Second Life.