Book Review

I stopped in at North Keswick Press today. I needed to pick up some free postcards.  I noticed a new book had been published by Klaus, so I picked up a copy of “Survivor” for my Bookclub.  Now, I should explain that on Secondlife, you publish a book by buying a blank book, and adding your own story and artwork. It can be as many pages as you need.
aSnapshot 6 (8-15-2018 2-43 PM)

aSnapshot 9 (8-15-2018 2-44 PM)

We met at the coffee shop to talk over the book. Alice said she would like more romance next time. But Mr. Pety thought it was the best book he had read all year, except for Brian Freeman’s latest mystery. “Alter Ego.”

aSnapshot 10 (8-15-2018 2-46 PM)

Snapshot 2 (8-15-2018 2-41 PM)

I must have jiggled the camera when I tried to take a closeup of the photos in the book because I made the print look blurry. It’s not blurry at all.



Taking off

Remembering the take off instructions provided by a friend, I accelerated to 65% and took off from Unity Airport. Flying over the bridge and above the water, the view was great.cmSnapshot_004
I had trouble maintaining altitude, but I remembered that I could simply edit the plane back up if I got too close to the water. Attempting to return to the airport, I could easily spot the bridge I had flown over.cmSnapshot_008
But I had trouble seeing the landing strip at the airport and flew right past and into the countryside, where I lost altitude while checking my map and crash landed into a house. cmSnapshot_011

Step into the art.

I got this idea from reading Apmel’s blog
Red Bikcin has remade some famous artworks so that a model can stand inside. You can see it at here at the Eye Gallery on Secondlife. Sometimes I had to walk all the way inside the picture before I could click on the pose ball. It’s only open for two more days, so hurry over.
Note that the last photo seems to be two artworks in one. I think an Andrew Wyeth girl sneaked into the foreground. There are two floors of famous artworks, all cleverly cutout in layers to make them 3d.

Face off

A new head and body can cost thousands of linden dollars, but I found a free one today. It was an advertised hunt. All you had to do was find a coconut. The hunt was easy, but getting dressed in the new body was hard work. And my face didn’t look like me. The lips were especially annoying. Let me give you a view of the new body and the old.
And then my clothing did not fit right, so I put everything back in the box until tomorrow. Update: The next time I worked on it, I was more experienced with fitting clothes and I am now quite pleased. So I should make sure to give out this landmark where I found it. It’s on the WOH hunt. Find a coconut half, near the champagne.


People love to take chances playing gacha machines on Secondlife. I hardly ever bothered, but I discovered some cute cats. I am on my way to become a gacha cat addict. Is there a cure? Now these are not animated cats; just statues. But sooo cute! My collection so far consists of two. Maybe I should stop now.
Oh that’s not me in the picture. That one of my collection of mesh ladies. Hmmm. Am I addicted to collecting mesh ladies also? Maybe.

Photo practice

“Come over and help me  at Placebo Gallery, Meka. I need someone to pose for me. It’s for  a portrait contest. ”
“Why don’t you go shoot yourself, LOL,”  she replied.
“Well, come give me moral support while I figure it out, then,” I insisted.VSnapshot_006
“There are some good backgrounds here, but it’s a closeup I need. Why don’t we try over by those heads there? You sit down and I will zoom in.”
“Veyot, are you still here? You haven’t said a word for three minutes.”
“Yep, I am here but I was upping my graphics and changing the windlight. Sorry I took so long. I got a snapshot now. What do you think?”
“OMG. Can I have it to use for my profile shot? But I don’t really want to see it hanging on the wall.”
“Yeah, I know what you mean. I think this calls for more planning–more fantasy, more special effects. But thanks for helping today!”


D.T.S. Project

I had an idea to get friends to help decorate my space on Secondlife. They did fine work but it wasn’t until today that I thought of a name for the project. It’s the D. T. S. project, Decorate This Space! Let me show you the rooms. Dawnie designed the “OuterSpace Room,” with a cozy chair and an interactive orrery.


Beatrix used a African theme and earthy colors with lots of decorative objects.
Roxy did this elegant room with sensuous colors and clever animations.
Nodes0fYesod brought his bright modern original artworks.
And Laserskater used a sci-fi theme to fit the construction shack in the far corner. Watch out for the squiggly monster.
The Coffee Shop has been redecorated and some visitors have stopped in. Why don’t you stop in, too?