Crime Scene Clean-up


Charlie’s body floated in the septic tank for three days while I waited for the coroner. We still have no answers as to the murderer’s name. A bloody knife was found, but the fingerprints don’t match any of the residents of Another Town.


Elle was the only one who reported the location of Charlie’s body. Others remained silent to protect their own innocence. Dawnie brought in a suspect, a Lycan Werewolf, but his fingerprints don’t match at all.


Wheedle confessed he had a body in his freezer, but I told him I wouldn’t tell. RMarie had the best story; she thinks the killer was Charlie’s wife, annoyed with Charlie’s drinking. And I have gone to take a rest in Pearl’s studio.




Crime in Another Town


Police were called to the Coffee Shop early this morning, after a receiving a phone call from the manager Veyot. “When I got here, the front door was wide open and I didn’t dare go in,” she stammered nervously. Upon investigation, the officers found signs of a struggle, blood on the floor and Halloween decorations strewn around. “Charlie stayed late last night to put up the decorations,” said his wife, ” but I didn’t notice he wasn’t in bed with me because, well, y’know, the dogs sleep with us all the time,” she blushed.

Police searched the area and found some clues in one of the artist studios (name withheld to protect the innocent) and are still looking for Charlie.  Another Town residents are joining the search. Call the police or manager Veyot with information about the crime. Reward offered.

UPDATE: Police file #112 One person has received an award for finding Charlie’s body and identifying the killer. The body and the clues will remain until the CSI team finishes investigating. Reward money still available.

Two writers, one story


Two writers came across a mysterious tower. One said to the other, “Ooh, there is a story here!” And the second said “Yes,” and a story was born. One, who wrote faster, completed three bloody episodes before the other had picked up her pen. But the second writer was the first to bring in a detective to solve the crime. and now, neither one knows who the killer really is. Do we need a third writer? Maybe!

And, of course, the illustrator has some pictures leftover, because they didn’t fit the crime at all! This man almost got murdered, but was spared.




Art of Meditation

I am supposed to be meditating. Instead, I am taking snapshots of the meditation room. I am trying to settle my mind enough to follow the guide given to me here. But, wait, just one more snapshot. Did Klaus meditate while he was preparing this art to guide me? I wonder where he got this snack set. Oh wait. I should share these words about the meditation. “You are invited to use this virtual space for reflection, drawing, journaling, staring into space. The four pictures on the walls are digital collages created with found images from the public domain. They represent roots, wings, shells and lights respectively.”


Ah, I finally found the directions in this sign over here, Nature’s Ways. Now, I will begin to meditate. Oh, just one more sentence first. Here is a Second Life landmark.


copying myself

Does a blogger start to read up and think backwards after while? I had a story idea which I chose to put on Tumblr because it’s a one step process to upload the pics there. Sometimes the mechanics of blogging get in my way. I wonder if these Tumblr links will work here. Reverse order, so that the action goes down instead of up. Basically, all I have accomplished by doing it this way, is to make myself dizzy going back and forth!

1. Ghostbusters arrival

2. Story begins

3. Story ends

It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green.

Kermit the Frog sang this song–

It’s not easy bein’ green
Having to spend each day the color of the leaves
When you could be something so much nicer
Like red or yellow
Aquamarine or something more colorful like that.

All my snapshots¬† are green because the fractal show was very green and there is a contest for the best snapshot. It will be interesting to see the greens. One computer screen’s green may be different than the other’s green.¬† Here are some samples. I still have not decided which to enter.GSnapshot_098aGSnapshot_096aGSnapshot_103aGSnapshot_099a